Italy is the 4th country in the world healthcare ranking

World Healthcare ranking

The healtcare system in Italy is one of the best worldwide: At 82.7 years, life expectancy at birth in Italy is the second highest in the EU (after Spain) and two years longer than the EU average and according to Bloomberg statistic, Italy is the 4th country in the world for Health Care Efficiency.

It sounds unbelivable that richer countries like France, UK and Germany are respectively at 16th, 35th and 45th position. USA are at the bottom of the list, at 54th place. During this Covid-19 emergency, Italy is taking care of its citizens by implementing an efficient prevention system, at the expense of a sure economic crisis. Other  economically stronger countries are not acting in this responsible way.

How can we believe that in multicultural cities like Paris, Berlin and London where everyday millions of people pass by, why the COvid-19 is not spreading? How can we even imagine that in small villages of norhern italy there is a bigger flow of people than in the european capitals?

We can only say, if you don’t do tests, you don’t have cases for sure.

A huge economic crisis is crossing the country: it will affect in the coming months expecially  tourism and food sectors, which ironically are the two things Italy is famous for.

We would like to suggest to do not miss the opportunity to discover Italy, that has more Heritages World Sites than any other countries, at a special price. After the Covid-19 crisis, many small companies like our but also hotel, tour operator and restaurants will do special offers.

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